Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The heart of a Lonmin Miner

I'm not here or there to entertain you. Nor am I there to be a cause of your amusement
I think we have enough of those in society who are good in those making you “feel happy “departments.
They can make you laugh, and make you forget about your miserable life as a second hand citizen of the land of your birth. You are a slave in the land of your ancestors, and you gladly call yourself free. . Angry yet?,,,, good, you should be. I'm there to call upon those who still have some common sense left in their heads to heed the call, and wake up from their slumber. Those who have their brains filled with fairy tales and illusions of a happier life after this one, well, there might not be another life after this. And maybe you need to be happy on this world, and top walking with your head in the clouds. I'm here to tell you wake up, the revolution for the Blackman’s emancipation is not over, it was never over, and it will never be over. You are made to believe it is over, well, guess what, it’s not.  Don’t rest on your laurels. why are you? The enemy don’t sleep, they amasses great wealth at your expense,  while you busy sleeping, watching desperate house wife’s, or that reality tv show you love so much.

And just because your rulers look just like you does not mean they care about you and will work to advance your plight to the promised rainbow nation. They have been hungry, and starved for so long, all they can think about is, I’m going to empower myself as much as I can and stuff the rest. They think every man for himself and God for us all. Some say they didn’t go through the struggle to be poor now. Wake up, and see the people around you for who they are. They are wolves in sheep’s skin waiting to eat you alive, given a chance. Wake up, and see that the system and all its disciples are deceiving you
They got you watching TV. While they steal, and rob you, and if you complain, they lock you up, or shoot you. The media got you hating the people who fight for what are rightfully theirs, and yours. They go the extra miles to discredit the true warriors of the economical emancipation of the black race. They have you doubting your own abilities, and instill fear in you. You already death man if you start to fear. You afraid to think, you afraid to ask question, you afraid to demand better services, you afraid to hold people accountable, you afraid to raise your voice

They use smoke screens, and tell you what you have been through doesn't matter, Get over it. Is what they tell you, and like the faithful servant that you always been, you comply. I'm telling you its all lies man. You gladly give the left cheek when they hit you on the right one. What dump nonsense is that? Ever tried to hit one of them, and see if they give you the other cheek.
They got you where they want you. Are you going to remain in your cell, and be a good house Nigga? And in doing so shame your ancestors who gave their lives for you live the current live you have. You owe it to them man, you need to make them proud, they didn’t die in vain. Most of them, Chris Hani, Malcolm X, Tsietsi Mashinini, Martin Luther, Steve Biko, Marcus Gavi, Mohammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, all fallen heroes and comrades of the struggles for the black race. You need to thank your Gods for this people.

If you don't realize that you have been pulled by a rope, and have some woolen hat over your eyes by now, chances are you going to stay that way forever. And that’s because you lazy to think for yourself, and you are happy being a house Nigga, comply with the powers that be, and get your rewards of crumbs that come from their table’s left over’s. Those crumbs will be your inheritance, and so will it be for your future generations

The real hustler, the field Nigga does not share you sentiments house Nigga. The field Nigga is willing to lay down his life for what he believes in. The field Nigga is the Miner in the Marikina Lonmin mines. He goes all the way, in spite of all the odds. The Lonmin miner thinks long term, he thinks about his kid’s future.  He has the mines bosses against him, the police, and the government who are share holders in these mines. Bullets only serve as detergent to them, and will not stop their call for just treatment. Why should they not get the fruits of their labour? Why should all proceeds go to the Imperialist? The Bible says "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, but Caesar was never given authority or ownership over Africa, at least not by my Ancestors. Africa was taken by the gun and the bible on the other hand. The house Nigga thinks about short term investment in terms of the little crumbs he gets. He forgets that those leftovers might not be enough to feed his kids, and ensure a bright future for them. The Lonmin Miners stand for something, and some of them fell for their cause. They are being ridiculed when they proclaim their fallen comrades will turn against them if they give up the fight now. Off-cause they are right.

African religion states that those who have gone are the intermediaries between the living and their Gods No one can tell you African believes are junk or idol worship. All those others believed could be classified the same as Idol Worship by a member of the opposition religion, be it Christian, Jewish, Buddha or ZCC. African believe have a rightful place among those religions, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, he is trying to tell you, you are inferior. It’s only through colonization of your respective countries that you now call yourself Christian or Jewish or whatever it is you call yourself. You made to believe your ancestors believes are inferior to theirs, and you had to follow theirs, being the obedient Nigga that we are, we believe everything out of Africa is not the right way. The sad thing is, not only have the settler colonise your countries, they also colonized the way of your thinking. You lost your thinking capabilities. For Centuries the Blackman has made other people's Gods his own, He has served them better than the other races who brought this believe to him have served their own God. So far, not much changed for the black man. You think a White God will choose you over a white man? His lookalike? That’s insanity. If I’m God All Mighty, and my kids are fighting with the neighbours kids, off cause I will make my kids win. NO Doubt.  Maybe if they prayed to their own African Gods things would have changed a long time ago. The African Gods are pissed at you man, you sold them out for a white God. I believe if I was made to the image of my God, he sure as hell should be black, and my African ways of doing things should be a reflection of my Gods ways. African needs to decolonize their thinking, and do some serious soul searching. Remember, there is none as blind as those who will not see. The longer you stay ignorant to your history, and your inheritance, the better you are in the hands of your oppressors. Only you can free yourself, if you don’t realize you have been mentality enslaved, you have no problem; you don’t have to escape anywhere because you don’t know you are a slave. No one can help you escape mental slavery, except yourself.

It’s actually sad that there is a big vacuum in terms of the leadership we currently we have in South Africa, and the future leadership we going to inherit by default due to the Mangaung ANC conference. None of these leaders has so far stood up and say we going to implement the founding fathers constitution called the Freedom Charter. Only the brave young lions called the ANCYL had the guts to call for it. All they lack now is a champion who will stand by them. Kgalema Motlante , can he be the one, or will it be Tokyo Sigwale, and maybe Cyril Ramaphosa, or can Vavi spring a surprise, and make South Africa the country it is destined to be. Leaders should not be chosen just because we need to change the current leadership due to inside squabbles, and fights for position of powers which translates to wealth through people connected to the people who will empower one another through the state’s coffers in the guise of “BBEE, tenders, and cadre deployments. A champion of the poor is what’s needed. Who has the credentials to fill in this role? I guess only time can tell.

"I have the Heart of A Lonmin Miner,,,,Do You?
No Retreat, No Surrender

Mayibuye i Africa,,,,,,,,,,,ASIJIKI.